"You like me, you really like me!"
Sally Field
A teacher is someone,

Who gives us our wings,

To fly to great heights,

And accomplish great things.

"I do not know who said that originally, but it is how I feel about Peggy and the classes she teaches. I knew four things before I met her, how to knit and purl, kind of how to cast on and off, that’s it, my sum total of knowledge. Basically, I could knit a garter stitch scarf. So I immediately signed up for her sock class, pretty much believing I already knew most of the basics. After asking if I was sure about that, with a smile she promised I would learn to knit a sock. That first sock might not of been the most perfect sock in the world, but it opened doors to what was yet to come.

Patience, thankfully Peggy has a lot of that. She is an expert without the expert attitude. She is open and friendly, willing to share her expansive knowledge. She makes every project a possibility. Pretty much have taken every class she has offered, each time I learn a little bit more and my projects have become more complex.

In three years I’ve learned to read a pattern, read a chart, and how to really cast on and off! Learned that doing a gauge swatch, really is important after all. How to correct my mistakes. A really great class, previously mistakes were handled by ripping the project apart and starting over. There’s lace and fair isle classes, and so much more. Each class is exciting, new, there’s always smiles and laughter along the way.

Peggy teaches each person at their own rate, she nurtures each of us along, giving us confidence, as we learn to fly."

Jude Hanna

"What can I say about Peggy?  Gosh, I came to her with absolutely the tiniest bit of knitting experience and had never taken a class before.  I have now taken several classes and I love her teaching style.  She is so super patient (and I must be her most frustrating student) and never gets irritated no matter how many times I ask the same question.  I am now hooked on knitting because of her. I am almost done (finally) with my first sweater and I am thrilled with the results so far! Peggy is the best and if you are looking to really learn how to knit or just need help getting to a new level she will take you there! I cannot recommend her enough! "

~ Lori Yaphe-Delisle
"Peggy Hagberg is THE most knowledgeable knitting instructor I have ever had.  She has amazing teaching skills, can explain any type of stitch and any type of error in a way that beginners and more experienced knitters can both understand. 

The classes she offers, be it a new knitting project or a "fixing mistakes" one, are always so professionally run.  Knowing I can attend a "workshop" and obtain fantastic advice has given me the confidence to tackle more difficult projects.

Peggy is so patient and so experienced in working with beginners as well as advanced knitters.  Her knowledge of not only difficult stitches, but types of yarns and what they are best suited for is invaluable.  She has had such awesome training and taken classes from so many top knitters.  All of this continued education on her part has certainly benefited all of her students as she passes this advanced learning on to us."

Nancy Di Lullo

"My husband and best friends had purchased the retreat for me as a birthday present. I had no idea what to expect and didn't know anyone that was going to be there. The minute I arrived, I was welcomed and greeted by everyone there. I was immediately put at ease by all the lovely ladies present.

I had been attempting to knit a sock for about 3 years. I could not get past the heel. I was determined to get past the heel this weekend. Peggy walked me patiently through the process and even helped me un-knit my mistakes. I did finally get past the heel and completed my first sock soon after that. Peggy taught me in a way that made it seem easy. I couldn't believe that it was that simple and took me so long to complete.

The retreat center was so relaxing. There were walkways with beautiful gardens every where. The food was delicious and abundant. It seemed as if we were always eating. It was so nice to get away and not have any responsibilities to take care of. All we did all weekend was eat, knit, and repeat. It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I met some great ladies and had a fantastic time."

Laura Lowe

"I can't say enough good stuff about Peggy.  She's a great knitting instructor.  She can relate to any problem at any level and she knows how to personalize the way she teaches to fit each of our learning styles (and each of our personalities).  Peggy is incredibly creative; her knitting projects run from the whimsical to the sophisticated.  She's happy to show you how to do what she does but she also encourages (and is excited about) you developing your own style.  She's honest with her feedback without being discouraging; she's realistic so you don't tackle more than you're ready for but she also challenges and inspires you to try new things.   She takes classes at professional shows so she can bring back the latest techniques and so she can keep remembering how it feels to be the student.  In short, she brings magic to the art of teaching."

Diane Martin

"Peggy is a great teacher, patient and knowledgeable.  Her motto is:   You Can Do It !!!
You will always feel comfortable with her as your teacher and as you learn new skills you will become more confident and enjoy knitting even more than you already do.

She always has a great story to tell.

The most amazing thing about Peggy is her ability to pick up someone's knitting and be able to figure out where they are in the pattern, what the mistake is and help them fix the problem.

You will never be sorry you took a class or participated in a retreat with Peggy.  EWE go girl!!!"

Karen Jimenez