Peggy Hagberg
That's me on the left. I'm helping my student, Marti, figure out how to modify her pattern.

I learned to knit when I was in the third grade. But, really I've been a knitter with a capital K since 2000. Since then I've been knitting every day. I started teaching knitting at JoAnn's in 2003. In 2005 I taught at Temecula Valley Yarn Company for three years and another three years at Daily Fiber Yarn Co. in Murrieta. Please view my current teaching schedule on the class link above.

I have taken classes from some big time knitters. Judy Becker, Cat Bordhi, Gwen Bortner, Nancy Bush, Chris Bylsma, Jared Flood, Crissy Gardiner, Sivia Harding, Stephanie Japel, Sally Melville, Annie Modesitt, Lucy Neatby,  and Charlene Schurch.

Let's see...I'll make this brief. I've been married since 1973 (hey, I was only 19) a mother of two grown children, a daughter and son.
I have a BA in sociology from Cal. State University Fullerton and have taught Montessori school, home schooled my son and even taught Japanese exchange students a little English. I have tech skills. I designed and built this web site myself. All photography and photo editing was also done by me.

       You can find me on Ravelry as: Knit-University
Me in a nutshell...
emphasis on the nut!
Feb. 2011 Big Bear Retreat
I'm wearing pajamas in the snow!
I went to this