During this unusual crisis, I hope you are safe and healthy

I am being extra cautious to protect myself and my Husband 

Unfortunately, I can not protect myself and YOU while teaching knitting.
 It requires an up-close, hands on experience.

BUT! I have been able to help former students via email, text and FB chat.
 If you are having a knitting problem feel free to contact me and I'll attempt to solve your problem from a safe distance.

If you are searching for a way to learn how to knit for the first time.
 I suggest that you try knittinghelp.com
 It is not the same as in person instruction
 but, if you give it a try you can learn a new skill that promotes
 patience, relaxation and produces lovely handmade items
 for yourself and loved ones.

I will remove this page if my situation changes and I resume teaching.

My best to you and happy knitting!

Peggy Hagberg

If I have helped you and you'd like to give me a "TIP" you can scan this code and do it via Venmo.